SyncAMS Intelligent Equipment Management system

A fast and convenient unified management platform is provided for centralized management of equipment made by different manufacturers according to the latest international FDT2.0 specification, based on HART and PROFIBUS protocols, and with FDT as the technical means. The system has the functions of equipment management and maintenance, enables the intelligent equipment to maximize the benefits, and reduces the loss to instruments and the cost of maintenance. It can be widely applied in the industrial control fields of bus technology such as power, metallurgy, building materials, petrochemical sector and municipal administration.


  • Unified management of multiple instruments: centralized user interface and operation mode;

  • Fast parameter configuration: equipment configuration and configuration information can be viewed and modified remotely;

  • Equipment calibration management;

  • State monitoring and maintenance;

  • Operation logs;

  • Seamless integration with NT6000;

  • Significantly reducing maintenance cost and risks;

  • Possibility of fully replacing traditional manual operator functions

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