KC231-series molding machine computer

KC231-series molding machine computer is developed specially for molding machine markets, particularly the dual-screw extruder industry. It is featured by 16-circuit temperature control, compatible bus and Ethernet control mode, high productization degree and powerful maintenance function, and has been applied widely by large extruder manufacturers such as Keya Solution Group and multiple famous manufacturers within the industry.

  • Productized solutions, beautiful and generous whole machine, and high grade

  • Short time consumption and high efficiency of wiring installation

  • Built-in 16-circuit temperature control interface, high precision of temperature control, and pick-up mode stabilized at ±2℃

  • Bus and Ethernet communication program, saving both time and labor

  • User-friendly design, and easy to use

  • Abundant self-diagnosis and equipment protection functions

  • Convenient maintenance, and high reliability of the whole machine

  • One-button startup, and fool-type operation

  • Remote diagnosis and monitoring interface

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